They're here! We have been poring over Becki Griffin's beautiful photos of the store from last week, and here are a few of our favorites. We are so excited to welcome in May in the store and we have been arranging, rearranging, and rearranging some more to bring in the new month. Thank you again to Becki for the photos and for capturing Old Glory Style so beautifully and creatively!

Creative Collaboration: beautiful photography from curious details

You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time and you just click? That's how I felt when I met creative genius Becki Griffin. Founder of Creative Details, Becki is a talented photographer and stylist out of Houston, Texas. She is smart, funny, and fun to be around. And her photography is beautiful!

This past weekend we enjoyed our third annual photoshoot at Old Glory Denver with Becki, and I was so happy to have her in town to take beautiful photos of the store and offer endless styling inspiration and hard-working laughter. Since we met in Texas four years ago in the heat and excitement of Round Top, Becki has been a great addition to the Old Glory team as a collaborator and friend. People ask me, "What is Old Glory Style?" What I have a hard time putting into works, Becki captures effortless in her photography. She just "gets" Old Glory Style and makes it come to life in her beautiful shots. We are so happy to be able to work with her, and this past weekend was another productive and inspiring visit.

You can see Becki's styling, decorating, and photographic work in her portfolio here, and be sure and check out her blog too. Here are a few of our favorite of Becki's photos from past trips and collaborations, and we can't wait to share the photos from her latest trip to Denver soon!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 14.57.53.png

Happy Spring! We love the excitement a new season brings, especially at home and at the store. Here are a few of our found + favorite "new" arrivals to welcome in the season. Come in and see all of our signature upholstered pieces and the uncommon, the unexpected, the beautiful. 

spring design preview

There may be snow in the forecast later this week, but I know spring is right around the corner. I am so looking forward to all of the exciting projects and adventures we have in store for Old Glory in the near future. I spent the day working on spring + summer print ads for Old Glory. Thanks to our talented designer Laura Kuhn for the creative collaboration! I can't wait to see what spring and summer bring!


Happy February! On this cold, icy day in Denver, I'm reminding myself that Spring is indeed coming! Here is one of our favorite spots in the store right now: the textured pillow gives warmth, and the fern hints at warmer days ahead. We love the way the pretty winter light streams in the windows and gives us simple reminders to enjoy every day, even the gloomy ones.