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We've been in our Denver store for more than three years now, and we are so happy to call our South Broadway block home. It was a fun process making the space our own, so today, for #throwbackthursday, we're sharing some before & afters and a close-up of a favorite spot, then and now. For us, throwback Thursday is more than a fun hashtag--it's an opportunity to show off our space and to show how much it's grown along with Old Glory Style.


We fell in love with this building the second we saw it and loved making it into Old Glory Style headquarters. And three years later, it is still my favorite design lab to experiment with and to showcase my Old Glory Signature Style. 

Here is one of favorite spots in the store--right up front and near the window, with great light and high ceilings perfect for artful displays. The photo on the left is from three years ago and the one on the right is from this week. We love styling this spot with our favorite pieces in the store, no matter what they are! 

 Photo by  Becki Griffin

Photo by Becki Griffin


And here are a few more close-ups of our displays in the same spot over the years. Mixing & matching similar elements is a trademark of store displays, room designs, and table decor at Old Glory. I love having my Denver store as an ever changing canvas for my design ideas and as a place to visually and tangibly convey the versatility of Old Glory Style. 


One of my most foundational design beliefs (and one that defines Old Glory Style) is to always strive for authenticity: I seek out authenticity in everything I do, starting with the aesthetics at the store and in showcasing Old Glory Style. I strive for functional design that inspires and encourages, that is ever-changing to fit the needs and styles of our customers, and that has distinct personalty. Authenticity means working hard to find and create the uncommon, the unexpected, and the beautiful.

I am so happy to call our Denver store home, because it gives me an opportunity to bring that authenticity to our customers and to my own design work. Come in and see us in Denver! Here's to many, many more throwback Thursdays and great years on South Broadway. 


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I tend to bring my work home with me--it's an occupational hazard that I gladly embrace. I use my home as my Old Glory Style design lab, defining and refining my own personal style that I can bring to the store and to how I help others style their own spaces. I've been "experimenting" at home since well before I opened my first store more than twenty years ago, just ask my husband & kids who have been enthusiastically (okay, sometimes less than enthusiastically) moving furniture and antique shopping with me since the beginning. 

I love sharing behind-the-scenes looks of Old Glory at Home, because it shows Old Glory Style in action outside of the store. This edition: the family room! Everyone loves a good before and after, and this is one that has been a gradual process over the past year. I realized that we have been in our home for a year now and a lot has changed! It is fun to look back on the house that we bought and how we made it our home, Old-Glory-Style-style. 

 Our Old Glory Style design board for the room
 (Work in progress photo)

(Work in progress photo)


This room continues to evolve and change with every new decorating inspiration, thanks to some great finds from a lot of Texas trips in the past year and the changing needs of the room. And I have two Mary Gregory paintings I love for the same spot...but it's never a bad thing having a lot of art that you love!


And as an Old Glory at Home bonus, here are a few more before and afters. A good home is never done! I love bringing work home with me and I am so happy to have a lot design labs for Old Glory Style between Denver, Texas, and my own home. 


Spring Antiques Show Recap

I just got home from a great two weeks in Round Top, and while I'm so happy to be back in Denver, it's always sad to leave our home-away-from-home. I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend in Round Top. It's a place where I am completely immersed in my craft, where play is work and work is play, and I am so lucky to be able to do what I love! I work alongside some of the best in the business in Round Top, both old friends and new, all who share this love of old and the thrill of the hunt. With a project and adventure as big and ever-growing as Old Glory Texas, I am pushed to work harder to stretch my creative muscles and I love every minute of it. I know I've said it before, but there really isn't anything like Antiques Week in Round Top!

Photo by Holly Mathis

 Photo by  Becki Griffin

Photo by Becki Griffin

Photo by Holly Mathis

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for shopping with us, to all the other shows, vendors, and shops for making this show better and better every time, and to Round Top for making us feel right at home in our favorite town. Here are some pictures from the show! Special thanks to our friend Becki Griffin of Curious Details and Holly Mathis for sharing their beautiful photos. And to our Denver friends and customers, don't worry! Exciting things are happening here, too! Starting with a fresh load of our favorite Texas finds that we will be unloading soon, so stay tuned.

Photo by Becki Griffin

 Photo by  Becki Griffin
 Photo by  Becki Griffin

Thanks to my Old Glory Texas team: Debby, Morgan, and Sandy!

 My friend from elementary school came to see me at the store! We started first grade together in Dallas and haven't seen each other for 25 years. I'm so glad Texas brought us back together!

My friend from elementary school came to see me at the store! We started first grade together in Dallas and haven't seen each other for 25 years. I'm so glad Texas brought us back together!

One of the best parts about Texas is getting to see old friends. We loved seeing Jo Packham (Where Women Create), Celeste Shaw (Flea Market Style & Chaps), and Jane Hall (Junk Bonanza & Mustard Moon).

And my sister Lisa and friend Dale came to visit & shop from Dallas, too!

Nothing says Spring Antiques Week like strong men in trucks, with trailers full of antiques!

 We loved hosting Rachel Ashwell for her book signing at Old Glory! She tried to give my husband his own floral crown, but he settled for being the center of the photo instead.

We loved hosting Rachel Ashwell for her book signing at Old Glory! She tried to give my husband his own floral crown, but he settled for being the center of the photo instead.

 Photo by  Becki Griffin

Photo by Becki Griffin



In honor of Round Top Antiques Week starting next week, I'm sharing my favorite part about the Round Top adventure: the shopping! I have loved antiques and antique shopping for as long as I can remember, and for as long as my kids can remember too. Family road trips to Oklahoma always turned into mini-hunting trips with detours to every antique mall we found along I-70, despite my two sons' best efforts to distract me from seeing the tempting call of "antiques this way" on passing billboards. I love the thrill of the hunt, and that is what made me fall in love with Round Top on my very first visit. Now I've been shopping there for over six years and I am so happy that I discovered the great vendors and one-of-a-kind finds that this amazing town and legendary antique show has to offer. 

And between those family-road-trips-turned-shopping-hauls twenty years ago to now, I've mastered the art of making the most out of every trip to Texas, from the minute we leave home in Denver to when we arrive at our home away from home in Texas.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 9.08.52 AM.png

Here are a few of my favorite finds from all my Round Top trips, and the great places where I found them. Think of it as part informal guide to Antique Weeks shopping, part tour of Old Glory at home. I can't wait to be back to the thrill of the hunt next week! For all the details about Old Glory's Spring Antiques Week hours and special events (including a book signing with Rachel Ashwell!), read our last blog post here

 (for more of Mary's work, visit  her website here !)

(for more of Mary's work, visit her website here!)


And here's a quiet picture of my home, before we leave for the happy chaos of Antiques Week. I can't wait to get back to Round Top and get Old Glory Texas ready for a great two weeks of shopping and to share the thrill of the hunt with our customers, old and new! Happy shopping!


Behind the Scenes Spring Antiques Week Prep

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And so it begins...Antiques Week in Round Top is exactly two weeks away! It's hard work and long hours getting ready for the big shopping event, but hard work and long hours that we absolutely love. From coordinating loads and containers from Nebraska, Iowa, Europe, California, and of course Denver, to the logistics of getting everything to Round Top...such a beautiful mess!


Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos of our preparations and loads and process to get Round-Top-ready. We can't wait to share everything we've been working on in just two short weeks when Spring Antiques Week kicks off. 


Here's a reminder of our Antiques Week hours! If you're in Round Top, come by and say hello, shop, and help us celebrate the adventure and excitement that is Antiques Week. 

(for a map and directions, head HERE)

10 am to 6 pm daily

And join us for our special book signing event with Rachel Ashwell to kick off Antiques Week on MARCH 23 at Old Glory in Round Top. Rachel will be signing copies of her beautiful new book, MY FLORAL AFFAIR. We are so happy to have her with us to celebrate and can't wait for what will be a great event. Click HERE for all the details on a night you won't want to miss!