The Design Desk: Works in Progress

It all started with a light fixture.

A beautiful light fixture hand-crafted from vintage door plates, a varied collection of color with the perfect patina combined to cast a warm glow and fill a room with warmth and charm.

This beautiful light became my inspiration piece for transforming our ordinary, run-of-the-mill home office/study into my very own creative workspace right on the first floor of our home. Oh, I was inspired, but now I needed direction. And I found direction right in front of me: the Design Desk at Old Glory Antiques Urban Home + Design! I turned to the talented Designer Tammy Price to turn my vision into reality.

Tammy started with a visit to my home. She helped me define how I would use the space, then “shopped” my house for existing pieces that I could use in my new room.

She worked with my beloved red walls, and showed me how to make the space unique with a few custom pieces.

Tammy offered ideas for adding texture and personality with fabrics, and encouraged me to showcase my collections and fill the room with a sense of "me".

After an hour with Tammy, I knew this project would be going from inspiration to installation in no time! My study-turned-studio is currently a work in progress...idea boards are being built, chairs are being reupholstered and collections are being hung. I can't wait to share my beautiful new workspace with you!