Design Desk: Create a Warm, Comfortable, Satisfying Home

Decorating is the process of creating order and beauty in a home.

There are so many ways that I identify with that statement! I love to bring order to things. I am bursting with creative energy, and who doesn't want to be surrounded by beauty!

While my shop started out as a collection of ideas about home decorating and grew into the current retail store, I have come to realize that this collection is really more about an attitude ... an attitude about how I approach life. This collection of ideas is about how I wish to live my life and nurture my family, to build relationships and create memories, to honor the past in hopes of remembering what is most important as we build our future.

I believe how we choose to create home has a significant impact on our lives. As I describe my approach to decorating, it is often difficult to determine if I am describing the decoration of a house or my attitudes about life. Indeed, I believe the two are inevitably intertwined. Home isn't just where you live, it is how you live.

My approach to creating your home is simple, reflecting a love of home and family. I offer a casual approach to decorating that emphasizes comfort, beauty, function, and perhaps most importantly, fun! A home is intended to be enjoyed; surrounding yourself with things that make you happy plays a big part in creating a comfortable, enjoyable space.

Surround yourself with things that make you smile. Keep in plain sight reminders of what matters to you. Furnish each room with function and comfort in mind.

Working with vintage pieces is a cornerstone of my decorating philosophy. Vintage pieces - old furniture and accessories full of charm and history - lend warmth and character to any room. I'm not a purist; I mix old pieces with new ones that share the same nostalgic spirit. You don't have to be an avid collector of antiques to work with vintage pieces. A few aged pieces fill your home with a feeling that suggests things that are inherited rather than store-bought and hand-crafted rather than mass produced. Often the unexpected combination of old and new transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. The result is a warm, comfortable, satisfying home.