Finding Inspiration

The most ordinary things can inspire design ideas and form a starting point for your work. I often turn to fabric for inspiration. Vintage fabrics or new, on a pillow, a tea towel, or fabrics still on the bolt, I am inspired by the combination of colors, patterns and textures.

A vintage laundry bag was the inspiration for an event at my shop one year. I had purchased this piece at an antique mall several years earlier, not sure what I would do with it. But the design on the piece really "spoke to me" and I knew it would become part of my creative process one day! The red flowers dancing on the front of the bag carefully and lovingly embroidered years ago, with faded colors and broken threads, instantly defined my Garden Party.

I placed the vintage piece on the glass of a color copier, pressed the button, and I had the paper for my invitations. I asked the paint-your-own-pottery shop next door to paint serving dishes for the Garden Party inspired by the embroidered design. We decorated the ivy topiaries for sale in the shop with tags based on the same faded embroidery thread. Who knew so much could come from such an ordinary laundry bag?

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Always be open to new ideas. Don't be afraid to use favorite finds in unexpected ways. In this creative process there are no mistakes, only discoveries! Even when an idea doesn't come out the way you had intended, you may make some serendipitous discoveries along the way. The results will be quite satisfying and oh so fun!