Friday finds: WORDS

This week we're all about typography. Sometimes all you need to finish a room is a simple print with a simple message. We love these simple, yet well-designed reminders & bold typographic prints that fit well in any room and add just the right touch of creative inspiration and timelessness. Happy Friday!

Of course, we have to stay true to our love of old, and that includes old typography! This old shop sign from Homestead Seattle would look great in a home studio...or a rustic kitchen...or really anywhere else in a home! We love that pop of red on the neutral background. So many possibilities!


This print, designed by British graphic artist Anthony Burrill, has one of our favorite mantras. It's a simple message and a bold composition that gives daily inspiration, for decor and for living! My daughter gave this to me for a housewarming gift, and it looks great with our Old-Glory-at-home style. (It's the first thing we see when we walk in the house and the last thing we see before we leave.)


Of course, Etsy is one of the best sources for art & prints. We love this BE PRESENT print from Ampersand has more of a modern aesthetic, but that doesn't mean it doesn't look great with anything old, rustic, and vintage! It is a great compliment piece with an equally great message. 


Another one of our go-to Etsy favorites, this print from ohmydeer is another simple and inspiring daily reminder. It would be perfect in a home studio (where ours is!), or add a more formal touch with a solid black frame and put it anywhere in the house. 


Handmade painted signs like these from House of Belonging Designs on Etsy add so much warmth and charm to a home, and the positive messages so beautifully presented can also add a lot to overall design (look good AND feel good, right?). Bonus: one of our favorite bloggers, Jeanne Oliver, has one of these signs in her kitchen (below)! It's definitely on our wish list this holiday season. 

From Jeanne's blog

From Jeanne's blog


We have to include Sugarboo in this round up...our go-to for wall decor! Every sign is unique and artist Rebecca Puig's whimsical and heartfelt style looks great in any room. (And of course, we do sell Sugarboo at Old Glory! Come in to see what signs, pillows, and prints we have.)