Old Glory At Home: Collections


One of my favorite books right now is designer Hilary Robertson's The Stuff of Life. It perfectly catalogs so many diverse collections and describes why they all work so beautifully. And she so well explores why we collect and how we collect in our own homes, like in this great quote. It's a great resource and just a great book to go back to again and again for inspiration and instruction. 

On to the main event of this blog post: today we are introducing a new feature on our blog!


We will be sharing peeks into my own home and my own personal decor ideas and projects. It's Old Glory style, just on a more personal level. Follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #oldgloryathome! We would love to see your own decorating ideas and projects! 

And speaking of collections and #oldgloryathome, today we are talking all about collections. December always seems to be a month of collecting around our house. Whether it's every roll of wrapping paper that catches my eye, cookies piling up from our favorite bakeries around town, or vintage trophies for a January photoshoot, I love collecting things that have meaning and that add warmth and personality to my home. Collections are such a great way to give a room character, whether they are traditional & classic, whimsical & fun, or dramatic & dynamic, and everything in between. Here are a few of my favorites from around my house!


Silver is one of my all-time favorite things to collect. It looks beautiful in any setting, and it adds a story to your home. Every piece, from an old hotel champagne bucket to a beautiful tarnished platter, has its own history, and I usually have my own story about how I got every piece.


Dishes are also a great way to add character to your home. They are everyday items, practical and useful, and there is also such a great opportunity to add beauty and personality at the same time: function combines with form & style! I've collected dishes for a long time, and I love using them for family meals and for displays alike. 


Botanicals make for a simple and beautiful collection. They not only bring nature inside and give a room a little more neutral and earthy (in a good way) feel, they are also interesting to look at! I have a few different collections of botanicals, and my favorites are the ones I bought from The Vintage Round Top in Texas...a great addition to any home!


I have always loved collecting suitcases. They just imbue a room with a sense of adventure and excitement, and they look great as objects of decor at the same time. My kids and husband may think I'm crazy, but my collection always seems to grow every time I go antique shopping! 


Dress forms are so classic and timeless that they make an instantly elegant and meaningful collection. Every one I have has a story behind how I got it, whether I found it in the fields of Texas after a long and hot day of shopping or my daughter gave it to me for my birthday. They also serve double duty in a bedroom as both objects of decor and places to display scarves & jewelry. 


I spent a lot of time doing art projects and creative things with my kids when they were little and growing up, so I have always had a seemingly endless collection of art supplies around my house. Now that my kids are grown (and still doing creative things, I can proudly say), I have started collecting old and vintage art supplies and tools. They not only look great, they add so much whimsy and so many stories to my house. They are also great inspiration for my own projects!