Another Sneak-peek at our new home!

Home is our favorite truly is where you start! And we are so thrilled to have a new home for Old Glory, a beautiful space from which we can start every day and give our customers a place to be inspired for their own homes. 

Nothing makes my heart skip a beat quite like walking into an empty space full of possibilities! When we first discovered our new home at 1930, we saw just that: a big, beautiful blank canvas just waiting to be brought to life. We have been working hard the last month creating a beautiful story on that blank canvas, and we love the way it is falling into place.

We started filling the space with our big pieces, adding layers and textures, taking away and editing, rearranging, replacing and puttering some more. We have filled the space with our favorite finds, the sounds of hammering and laughter, and the good energy that comes from hard work among good friends realizing a dream-come-true. 

Here is a peek at our work-in-progress:  the same wall decorated two ways as we arranged and rearranged...

...and the finished product!

We are so looking forward to our GRAND RE-OPENING in our beautiful new space...check out our earlier blog post HERE for all the details about our opening weekend!