The Old Glory Design Process

Earlier this week we introduced OLD GLORY SIGNATURE STYLE and our Old Glory design manifesto (you can read that post here). So today we are excited to start showing you our signature style in action! 

We approach designing a room, a spot in the store, and a whole home as a process, starting with a blank slate and adding layers of furniture, textiles, accessories, and art as we go. To illustrate our design process, here is a simple before, during + after of one of our favorite spots in the store. This was our very first vignette at our new home on South Broadway. 

When we first started moving our inventory into our new space, everything was a great big beautiful blank slate. We loved this wall of exposed brick, so we chose this spot for a statement display. The endless possibilities of a new space or even just a spot that needs to be refreshed inspire us and spark our creativity like nothing else!

One of the most important elements of Old Glory Style is the mix: mixing textures, tones, and styles to create an engaging and unexpected aesthetic.

For this space, we wanted to feature mixtures: we contrasted the rustic paint on the doors and window with the more refined lines of the upholstered settee, and we mixed the natural tones of the wall, the paint, and the urn with the bright green of a fern to make the space unexpectedly lively and fresh. We also love to introduce textiles into a space. Including upholstered chairs in a mix of fabrics has become an important element of our Signature Style. 

The "during" in our process is the hardest (but most fun!) part, because we are constantly experimenting, rearranging, adding to and taking away, and putting our design ideas into action and getting our hands dirty (most of the times literally). 

Our final step in the design process is to add the details and pull everything together. Once the furniture and other big elements are in place, we play with pillows, plants, books, art, and anything else that will finish the space. We love enjoying the fine art of "puttering," always making sure that a space, room, or display exudes the uncommon, the unexpected, the beautiful.