Old Glory At Home: the Dining Room

With the holidays just around the corner (just a week away!), my thoughts have turned to getting my dining room ready for warm winter gatherings at home and family feasts. We are traveling for Thanksgiving, and even though I won't be playing host this year for family & friends, I can't resist the love of playing and dining-room-decorating! After all, sometimes not having the pressure of making it look great for guests, and of course not having the pressure to cook a beautiful meal, makes it more fun and freeing. Instead of a traditional tablescape, I'll just call it my table-escape! A chance to decorate for the pure joy & fun of it. 

This room is decorated in our signature Old Glory Style: warm, collected and perfectly imperfect. I love the look of dishes collected over time, old pieces used in new ways, and unexpected pairings that create a comfortable yet sophisticated setting for family gatherings. I add a few new pieces to my collection of dishes each year, and I love watching it grow and evolve in such a natural and unexpected way! 

Rich textures and worn wood mix to give the room a warm and welcoming feel, perfect for this time of year when days are short and the snow is falling!

These beautiful seats from New York City are one of my favorite parts of the room. I'm not sure where they were originally but I like to imagine they sat in an old train station since they go so well with our transit art, which I found at one of my favorite local antique shops, Dwell! They tell a story and add so much interest and history to the space, and they serve a very practical purpose as great seating, as well! I love pieces that do double duty, that are both beautiful and useful.

In true Old Glory Signature Style, I love adding my favorite finds to every room, like this old industrial wooden wheel made into art, and this French ice cream mold, rusty with age & wear, found at the amazing store of Carol Hicks Bolton in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Happy winter decorating and happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!