From Trailer to the Store Floor, Old Glory Style At Work

Today we're sharing another element of Old Glory Style that we use every day at the store and at home: 

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 13.27.02.png

No matter what we bring into the store--old or new, big or small--we thoughtfully select everything to fit into our Old Glory signature style. From scouting to finishing touch, we want our store and our homes to look beautiful, thoughtful, and collected.

And the most exciting application of thoughtful selection: our bread and butter, big and beautiful antique pieces! We are lucky to have such great buyers all around the country scouting and buying for us and bringing us loads by the truck and trailer full to our warehouse, just around the block from our Denver store. We love the weeks we receive large loads of "new" old stuff because of the excitement of unloading and because of the fun and challenge of deciding what to do with everything.


Even as the pieces are coming off the truck, I am pairing them with pieces currently in the store, creating new combinations and rearranging furniture in my head. Or sometimes I decide to save a piece, keep it in the warehouse to bring into the store at a later time. Either way, the Old Glory Style design process is at work! (And we're happy to have the Old Glory shop dog there to help with the heavy lifting.)


We love the way the warehouse fills up with great finds, and creating blank slates in the store for new displays and a weekly (sometimes more!) refresh. 


I am intentional with each piece of inventory that I select to bring into the store, and I am thoughtful about how to combine pieces to create interesting and beautiful displays intended to inspire our customers. 

Here are a few photos of the process from our latest load, and how we brought the pieces and fresh finds from the truck to the store floor.