I'll be honest...running a store that is 1,000 miles from home can be challenging. Enter the Old Glory Texas dream team! I am so happy to have such great help to make Old Glory Texas the successful adventure that it is. Here is the team that makes it happen!

Many of you know Sandy as our store manager in Denver. You may also know her as the face of Old Glory Texas, as Sandy ran our pop-up store in Burton for several years. And now Sandy, in her usual calm, steady style, has stepped in to help with our new store in Round Top and has made several trips to Round Top to get things up and running. You can find Sandy in the store developing policies and procedures, opening boxes, and merchandising, all while greeting customers by name. Thank you, Sandy, for your willingness to step in whenever needed, your can-do attitude, and your kind spirit. 

Debby is the latest addition to our Old Glory team, and we are so happy to have her. Debby is running the store in Round Top. A native of Texas, she is full of energy and enthusiasm and has a quiet smile that welcomes customers into the store and makes them feel right at home. Debby is resourceful and fun, and in three short weeks she has become an invaluable part of the Old Glory family who goes above and beyond the call of duty. How lucky we are to have met her! We don't feel so far away with Debby taking care of the store and we know it is in good, hardworking, and creative hands.

Meloney Russell, owner of Seedbox Antiques, is a long-time friend of Old Glory, and she has worked with us since the days of the Old Glory Antiques Fair. Meloney lives in Missouri and travels to Texas to help us at our shop and for Seedbox business. She buys merchandise for us year-round and comes to the store to help us put it back together, taking a messy shop, selecting pieces from our disorganized storage, adding new pieces she has found for us, and transforming it into a beautiful and interesting feast for the eyes. And her husband Brian is such a huge help too, with great ideas, muscle and comic relief. 

Here are some photos from our Round Top store...see the results of this hardworking, creative, and tireless team from our latest store refresh this week. Thank you Sandy, Debby, and Meloney for helping me make Old Glory Style look so good in Texas! 

Photo Nov 06, 5 21 19 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 06, 5 17 48 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 06, 5 22 58 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 06, 5 26 41 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 06, 5 29 54 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 06, 5 28 42 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 06, 5 40 50 PM.jpg