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I tend to bring my work home with me--it's an occupational hazard that I gladly embrace. I use my home as my Old Glory Style design lab, defining and refining my own personal style that I can bring to the store and to how I help others style their own spaces. I've been "experimenting" at home since well before I opened my first store more than twenty years ago, just ask my husband & kids who have been enthusiastically (okay, sometimes less than enthusiastically) moving furniture and antique shopping with me since the beginning. 

I love sharing behind-the-scenes looks of Old Glory at Home, because it shows Old Glory Style in action outside of the store. This edition: the family room! Everyone loves a good before and after, and this is one that has been a gradual process over the past year. I realized that we have been in our home for a year now and a lot has changed! It is fun to look back on the house that we bought and how we made it our home, Old-Glory-Style-style. 

Our Old Glory Style design board for the room
(Work in progress photo)

(Work in progress photo)


This room continues to evolve and change with every new decorating inspiration, thanks to some great finds from a lot of Texas trips in the past year and the changing needs of the room. And I have two Mary Gregory paintings I love for the same spot...but it's never a bad thing having a lot of art that you love!


And as an Old Glory at Home bonus, here are a few more before and afters. A good home is never done! I love bringing work home with me and I am so happy to have a lot design labs for Old Glory Style between Denver, Texas, and my own home.