Old Glory At Home: The Bunk Room

As part of our continuing series of posts about our Old Glory Signature Style, we are so excited to share glimpses into our own home and how we apply our Old Glory Style at home as well as at the shop. Here is the first edition of our Old Glory At Home posts, and we are starting with one of our favorite rooms: the bunk room!

The house we live in is a little quirky, which is one of the things I love about it. Renovations and additions to the house over the years have left some interesting spaces - excellent opportunities for creative design and blank (if a little less-than-rectangular and more unexpected than conventional) canvasses in every room. The addition of a grand master suite on the main floor left the original master suite on the second floor available for another use, a large room that would make a beautiful workspace or studio. But I had already claimed the living room as my office, so we decided to go a different direction. My daughter suggested we turn it into a bunk room, inspired by the bunk room at the Old Glory guesthouse in Texas. Genius! I loved the idea and the design wheels started turning. 

Here is the original inspiration: our Texas bunk room! We collaborated with the wonderful Holly Mathis of Holly Mathis Interiors on the design. And thank you to Becki Griffin of Curious Details for the styling and the photography!



While the Texas bunk room was the inspiration, my vision for this room was taking a path of its own. I wanted to fill this space with things near and dear to our family...a life-sized scrapbook!   

I wanted to crate a space that felt just like home for guests, complete with whimsical touches, cubbies filled with fun memories and practical storage space, and plenty of beautiful yet comfortable furniture and decor.

No room would have our signature Old Glory Style without one of our favorite elements - collections! A collection of vintage baseballs, old books stacked, fun memories and objects from my children as they grew up, antique suitcases and trunks, and cool old shoe forms-turned-sculptures all make this room feel well-loved and inviting, well-collected and cheerful.

There are of course some strong pops of Texas in the room, but I also made sure to give it a fresh look with the addition of some Colorado touches (the antique skis) and more modern elements (a blue leather chair, sculptural lighting, and nightstand art).

The room has amazing light all year long, so I wanted to take advantage of that with strong textures, a neutral palette, and a few statement light fixtures to make the room feel light and spacious, but still intimate and inspiring. 

And every room in my house has a good space for creating and crafting, because inspiration can strike anywhere! I love this drafting table, topped with personal accessories that remind me of my roots. 

This has quickly become one of my favorite rooms in the house, and I love that it is an ongoing, ever-changing design process!