For our first Monthly Market, we are celebrating the rustic, sophisticated simplicity of Scandinavian design. Think worn wood finishes and old and well-crafted furniture, all carefully collected and curated in our Old Glory style. The emphasis in Scandinavian design is on craftsmanship and function, on refined simplicity, and on an overall sense of welcoming tradition and whimsy. A prominent Scandinavian design motto, “Make it humble, make it harmonious, and above all, make it work,” resonates with our own aesthetic goals so well, we thought this would be the perfect way to kick off our Monthly Market series. Join us for festive food & drinks, ideas & inspiration, and of course great shopping! We will have special events as well as a few Valentine’s Day treats on Saturday.



FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH  //  9:30 AM - 2:30 PM


Artist and designer extraordinaire Jeanne Oliver will be teaching one of her inspiring painting classes during our Market! You won't want to miss this opportunity to learn from this warm, witty, and infinitely talented creative powerhouse. Visit her website and blog to learn more about her & her art. 

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"Not all who wander are lost."  //  J.R.R. Tolkien

Creating art is a constant of adding and taking away, losing and finding yourself and discovering what you are really trying to say with your art. Join me for a one day class of creating as we add layers through paint, charcoal, mark making, acrylics and collage. We will work on two pieces at once to keep our creating loose and spontaneous. This class will incorporate how to create interesting backgrounds, break down how to draw a face or figure, mark making, and collage. 

The fee is $125 per student, and students are responsible for providing their own supplies for the class. Here are the required materials:

-2 wood artist panels, canvas or cardboard (at least 6 x 12 but no bigger than 12 x 16)
-set of your favorite brushes (Jeanne likes #4 flat, #2 round, #0 round, fan brush and a large brush for applying gesso, matte medium, backgrounds, etc.)
-small set of acrylics (include your favorite colors AND black, white, a deep red, yellow ochre, raw umber fluid)
-black Stabilo pencil & charcoal pencil
-container for water
-Liquitex matte medium
-clear gesso & white gesso

The class is now FULL. You can check out Jeanne's other classes here!