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Over the years, we have worked hard and happily to develop our signature Old Glory Style, both in Denver and in Texas, and we came up with this concrete definition that captures both how we approach interior design and our distinctive design identity (the final product). We believe that home should make you happy. We believe in creating beautiful, comfortable, and personal spaces. We believe in functional, but not all work and no play. Our look is substantive + genuine with a splash of playfulness. Our work is inspired by our love of old, endless quest for authenticity, and artful spirit.

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no.1 | love of old

It's no secret that we love old things at Old Glory. Antiques have a story to tell, and they effortlessly and unassumingly add so much warmth and love to a home. Their one-of-a-kindness lends a sense of heritage and history, comfort and well-worn authenticity to our daily lives. They can bring to mind happy memories and imagined stories of past uses and owners and they gladly welcome us to add on our own stories and memories. Old, well-loved pieces are the foundation of OLD GLORY STYLE, and we love helping our customers embrace their own love of old. 


We seek out authenticity in everything we do, both in our aesthetics at the store for our customers and in our own home. We strive for functional design that inspires and encourages, that is ever-changing to fit the needs and styles of our customers, and that has distinct personalty. Authenticity means working hard to create the uncommon, the unexpected, and the beautiful. This ideal also extends beyond our design work and in turn continually influences our design work: act authentically and your work will reflect that kindness, creativity, and truthfulness. At Old Glory, good design is original + hard working, just like we always strive to be.


We have always been drawn to anything and everything creative. From our kids' art projects from school and summers off, to our favorite artists and creators, to our own lifelong projects and goals, creativity drives us every day and constantly shapes our approach to design. Good design should actively inspire, rather than just sit quietly in a room to be seen. Art is living, and interior design should be alive as well, from inception to the finished project. It should be dynamic, ever-changing, and imaginative, and reflect the hard but worthwhile work of creativity. Above all, we love to have fun and remember that we love what we do.